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sheppard_liz's Journal

Sheppard/Liz Uncensored
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Anybody , Moderated
This community is for Sparky Shippers that are looking for a less restrictive place to play. You are welcome to rant, joke, or squee inappropriately on any aspect this relationship.

1. NO RUDENESS! Not even passive aggressive pseudo rudeness. We all know how to disagree with someone without making it personal.

2. If you want to rant about a controversial topic, put up a warning and put it behind the cut.

3. Discussions about Stargate Atlantis, the Stargate powers that be, and the actors are welcome.

4. Profanity and nudity aren't required but are appreciated. :D Just remember to hide it and put up a warning.

5. Some fandom discussion is fine, but a full blown naming names fandom rant should be done somewhere less public. A nice community for fandom rants is f_m_p.

6. Use the tags.

7. Have fun!


Shep/Weir header by: meganlynn09